Based on the government's guidance, we have decided for safety of all no open courses will be run until further notice. We are still taking booking for future courses, to be delivered on site based on the dynamic situation at this time but unlikely through March, April and May. Unless we have the all clear to do so.

Health & Safety and First Aid Training in Cambridgeshire

Clarian H&S offers accredited training to a wide range of industries including; education, care workers, medical establishments, sport facilities and many other establishments. We also offer H&S consultancy and on site fire and H&S risk assessment on request. All our staff are very well qualified and experienced in all the areas of training and consultancy we can offer.

First Aid Courses

The professional team at Clarian Training provide a selection of first aid and health and safety courses to customers and clients across Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Clarian Training are home to a range of professional, cost effective consultancy services, all of which are tailored to meet your specific needs. So should you be a company or individual, our team of qualified health and safety experts can help. Call for a FREE quote today.

Courses in Health & Safety

Having a range of experience in health and safety principles and processes, which are both well-founded and well-practised will help you to retain staff, improve safety costs and demonstrate your company as a caring and responsible organisation.

At Clarian Training in Cambridgeshire, we aim to deliver successful, efficient and cost effective training to customers and clients across the surrounding areas. We’re committed to ensuring that this investment is made of the most of, whether you’re an individual or a company. What’s more is we take pride in making sure that we only provide the highest standards in every aspect of the services we provide.

Leaders in Health & Safety Training

When it comes to the courses and the training that we provide at Clarian Training, it’s all delivered in a purposeful and understandable format, ensuring effective outcomes. All of the assessments we offer are based on the most up-to-date information and legislation available. Our specialists can also offer advice which will be provided against a strong background in relevant industries as well as unrivalled practical and theoretical knowledge of workplace safety.

Health & Safety Training brought to your premises

As well as having a fully equipped training centre in Peterborough, at Clarian Training we can also train at your workplace, taking the hassle out of you coordinating your team to our training venue. We provide our training courses to a range of industries including schools, factories, small businesses, emergency services, leisure industry and many more.

For Health & Safety and First Aid Training, Clarian Training have you covered

For first aid courses and health and safety training across Peterborough, look no further, Clarian Training have you covered. We provide a wide selection of courses and can provide them from our training venues, or directly to you at your premises. For a FREE quote, call today.